Potensus assures our partners of maximized ad space revenue

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What we do at Potensus

We are a digital marketing company, specializing in providing monetization solutions for the mobile game industry.

Maximize eCPMs & Revenue

We can help you to get the best out of your eCPMs and revenue streams, maximizing returns from every ad impression that is shown on your app via a single platform.


Dedicated Ad-ops ManagementTeam

You will benefit from working with a dedicated ad-ops manager who will guide you through the whole process, from coming onboard with Potensus to providing you with continual ad-op support and technical knowhow for smooth and seamless delivery.


Potensus offers fast service integration

Just send us your chosen placements and the floor prices. We will create your ad units and all you need to do is plug and play.


100% Transparency

Potensus is completely independent and absolutely transparent. Here at Potensus we are dedicated to providing you, our clients, with the best solutions. There are not hidden revenue.


Easy Payments

Our payment terms are NET 30 days.